The good, The Bad, and the Ugly of  Super Mario Bros. Movie

The Super Mario movie featuring Chris Pratt and Jack Black with a bunch of other famous names is out

The opening scene shows Bowser and Koopa Troopas along with the penguins of Ice Kingdom 

Jack Black has portrayed Bowser perfectly and the animation looks pretty good from the teaser

Voice of Mario that is Chris Pratt is later shown in the trailer along with Toad played by Michael Key

Chris Pratt's voice for Mario looks absurd to most of the fans claiming lack of effort put in the voice acting

Social media is flooded with posts pointing out the absurd voice of Chris Pratt as Mario

The movie falls in Isekai genre and fans are building their thories of what will happen in the movie

Fans are also demanding from Nintendo to re-record Chris Pratt's vocie of mario

Similarly, how fans reacted to bad VFX of Sonic the Hedgehog movie

Though the trailer received mostly positive reactions from the fans and will great to witness Nintendo's iconic character

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