SpaceX Falcon heavy test-fired at Kennedy Space Center in Florida

SpaceX conducted test-firing with their Falcon heavy rocket in Florida

They fired 27 engines of the Falcon rocket in hold-down test firing 

The test firing sent rumbles across the spaceport before the US Space force launch next week

The 27 Merlin engines were ignited at 8 PM EDT and ran for approximately 10 seconds

The launch team of SpaceX loaded the rocket with 3 million pounds of kerosine and oxygen propellants

The static test fire generated window-rattling roar which can be heard from miles 

It almost throttled up to its full power generating 5.1 million pounds of thrust

The test was conducted without the payloads or payloads fairing on the heavy rocket

At a separate satellite process facility those elements were prepared at the Spaceport

The Falcon Heavy is highly powerful operational rocket and launch will be fourth for the heavy lifter

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