Head writer of She-Hulk clears the dust on Bruce's son Skaar's finale debut

The She-Hulk finale is finally out and fans are going crazy over the cameos 

The finale comes with a lot of surprise element and great fourth wall breaking 

She-Hulk finale has finally introduced Bruce's son Skaar in the series

The lead writer of the show explained that they wanted to tease the fans with a new character

However, the introduction of Skaar has lead to new fan theories for World War Hulk

Gao explained that they were planning to introduce a new character at the very end of the show

The lead writer also explained how they had to go through so many comics to find a suitable character

The maine issue was Kevin Feige's acceptance of the new character

The final cameo of the character explains that Kevin has some plans for the Hulk 

There was a small cameo from Edward Norton as well when She-Hulk pointed out the lazy writing

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