Super Mario Bros. Movie is  as cursed as we thought!

The Super Mario Bros. movie trailer is as cursed as the fans were expecting

The trailer of the movie was short but entertaining at the same time

The voice of Chris Pratt as Mario was bizarrely delightful

Jack Black nailed as the voice for Bowser as it perfectly suits him 

Fans also liked the voice of Keegan-Michael Key's voice as Toad

The trailer premiered on Nintendo of America's Youtube channel and also streamed at New York Comic Con

The premiere witnessed 600000+ viewers while a good crowd appreciated the trailer at comic con

Fans liked Toad character as they wanted to see Toad with an attitude when Mario mistakes him for a mushroom 

The trailer looks promising as Bowser is scary with Jack Black's voice

The best part is Chris Pratt is not trying to be Star-Lord rather sounds like Andy Dwyer

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