Funny Pumpkin Carving Ideas

1. Middle finger pumpkin

You can tell the world to F*ck Off with your spooky & savage middle finger pumpkin

2. Scared face Pumpkin

Make your pumpkin l look like as if he has just seen a ghost! 

3. Ghost pumpkin

Carve your pumpkin from base like a ghost and get the perfect spooky look after painting it.

4. minion pumpkin

Let your pumpkin scream for bananas this Halloween by painting it as cute minions!

5. mask up pumpkin

Carve out your pumpkin and make it wear a mask to give a strong message to continue wearing masks

6. pumpkin eating a pumpkin

Create an "Inception" of Pumpkins this Halloween!

7. Kind Pumpkin

This halloween you can give out a message of being kind to the world with your kind pumpkin

8. Man eater pumpkin

Scare the sh*t out of your visitors by carving out this man eater pumpkin!



Scary  pumpkin carving ideas

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