Nintendo's Super Mario trailer is out and fans are going crazy over Chris Pratt's voice

Nintendo has finally released the trailer of Super Mario Bros. movie

The lead cast include Chris Pratt as Mario, Jack Black as Bowser and Michael Key as Toad

Nintendo premiered the trailer on Nintendo of America's Youtube channel 

The premiere received more than 600000+ viewers and was also streamed at NY Comic Con

Fans enjoyed the trailer, however they didn't liked Chris Pratt's voice 

Most of the comments were like "This is Just Chris Pratt's Voice"

Some of the fans also asked were the Accent of Mario and felt dissapointed 

After the trailer launch fans started criticising Chris Pratt on his Mario's voiceover

However, fans really enjoyed the voice of Jack Black as bowser

Keegan-Michael Key was also appreciated for his voice acting of Toad 

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