Does Best buy price match in 2023: Let's Find out!

What's Price Match?

Before we dive into whether Best Buy offers price matches or not, Let's find out what's a price match.   Price match is the process in which a retailer offers you products at the same prices the competitor is selling if they are satisfied that the competitor is offering a lower price & it's free from any additional discounts.

How Price Match Works?

Suppose you are a customer who is shopping in a Best Buy store. You shopped for  some electronic appliances. Later, you find out that one of the electronic appliances were listed for a lesser price on some other store or website. Then you'll have to visit the store or contact customer care (if purchased online) and let the executive know about the same situation. Then the executive will verify the prices and check it doesn't violate any terms & conditions related to price match. If you're eligible for a price match, you'll get the difference amount refunded in your preferred mode of payment.

Does Best Buy offer Price Matches?

Now that we know what price matches and how it works let's find out does Best Buy offers price matches or not. Yes, Best Buy does offer price matches with stores which offer lower prices than them. But as it operates in both online and offline segment, the coverage of price match policy differs in both the cases. Let's find out how best buy's price match works in online and offline purchases.

Are Offline/In-store Purchases made at Best Buy eligible for a price match?

As per the terms and conditions stated in Best Buy's price match policy,  purchases made are eligible for a price match with price stated in the ad/website of any store located within 25 mile radius of your Best Buy store. If further terms and conditions are followed properly, you can get your purchase price matched with any store fulfilling the above criteria.

Are Online Purchases made at Best Buy eligible for Price Match?

Online purchases made at Best Buy are eligible for price match with prices listed on select eligible retailers if the terms and conditions are followed properly.

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