'Black Adam' review: The Rock movie sink's just like a ROCK!

The new DCEU movie is finally out and The Rock is rocking the theatres as Black Adam

Black Adam brings you some of the most mediocre character introduction ever in the DCEU

Director Jaume Collet-Serra starts the movie by throwing missiles, attack helicopters and it goes KABOOM!

He welcomed into the 21st century after 5 millenia nap and he's not so happy 

He causes a serious havoc, after being entombed for 5000 years he gets missiles launched at him

It was clear that the studios had a great budged on the fire, smoke and action sequences

Once the movie gets going, it feels a like a continuous loop of destruction mixed with mayhem

WELL, he not that typical superhero, Super? yes. Hero? Not so much!

Black Adam explains His powers are not a gift but born out of rage as he was oppressed

The movie provides a lot of action sequences, a complete drama and a menace in the name of a superhero

Further explaination of the plot will ruin the movie, however, it's a decent watch 

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