Black Adam: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is nobody's hero: here is how!

Black Adam is one of the DC comics's greatest character and what can be better than a live-action movie

The new Black Adam movie explains the plot following the comics originality

The character of Black Adam was enslaved and supressed even though he had more powerful than any mortal

He was gifted power by the bunch of Wizards and he can switch off and on his power by saying Shazam!

He used the power to fight against the evil king of Khandaq and then goes to sleep

Fast forward to the present day, the people of present Khandaq has been oppressed for the past 27 years

Despite sleeping for more than 5 millennia, He wakes up and start slaughtering random goons

The whole anti-hero persona is what explains that Black Adam is nobody's hero

He is there to punish the criminals and opressors and who ever comes in his way

He is there for justice and to free the people of the present day Khandaq 

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