20 Best prime day deals on Home & Kitchen Appliances

By Team Fluttr

1. BISSELL Cordless Max all in 1 vaccum cleaner

 51% OFF

Get this Dry & Wet VACCUM CLEANER at 51% discount NOw!!

2. Shark HP201 Clean Sense HEPA Air Purifier MAX for home

42 % OFF

Get this Hepa AIR PURIFIER at 42% discount NOw!!

3. Bissell SpinWave Pet Robot, 2-in-1 Wet Mop and Dry Robot Vacuum

 48% OFF

Get this 2 in 1 robot vacuum at 48% discount NOw!!

5. philips Compact Pasta Maker (Viva Collection)

 50% OFF

Get this philips pasta maker at 50 % discount NOw!!

6. KitchenAid Gourmet 14 Piece Forged Triple Rivet Knife Block Set

 48% OFF

Get this kitchenaid 14 PIECE KNife SET at 48% discount NOw!!

7. Ninja DCM201CP Programmable XL 14-Cup Coffee Maker PRO

 30% OFF

Get this NINJA 14-CUP COFFEE MAKER at 30% discount NOw!!


 55% OFF

Get this LARGE CROCK POT  at 55% discount NOw!!

10. Ninja BL642 Nutri Ninja Personal & Countertop Blender

 40% OFF

Get this Ninja personal & COuntertop blender at 40% discount NOw!!

11. VEWIOR H13 Home Air purifier for Large Room

 53% OFF

Get this VEWIOR H13 Air purifier at 53% discount NOw!!

12. Vornado 133 Compact Air Circulator Fan

 43% OFF

Get this Vornado 133 Air Circulator Fan at 43% discount NOw!!

13. Shark AV753 ION Robot Vacuum

 43% OFF

Get this Shark AV753  Robot Vacuum at 43% discount NOw!!

14. Philips Soup and Smoothie Maker

 40% OFF

Get this Philips Soup and Smoothie Maker at 40% discount NOw!!

14. BISSELL Air180 HEPA Air Purifier

 44% OFF

Get this  BISSELL Air Purifier at 44% discount NOw!!

15. Philips 3000 Series Air Fryer

 58% OFF

Get this Philips 3000 Series Air Fryer at 58% discount NOw!!

16. KitchenAid Full Size Dish Rack

 51% OFF

Get this DISH RACk at 51% discount NOw!!

17. KitchenAid 7-Speed Hand Mixer

 25% OFF

Get this KitchenAid Hand Mixer at 25% discount NOw!!

18. SIHOO M18 Ergonomic Office Chair

49% OFF

Get this SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair at 49% discount NOw!!

19. Sauder Manhattan Gate Coffee Table

 48% OFF

Get this Sauder Coffee Table at 48 % discount NOw!!

20. Vornado 460 Small Whole Room Air Circulator Fan

 29% OFF

Get this VORNADO 460 AIR CIRUCulator FAn at 29% discount NOw!!