Adam Levine's alleged instagram DMs controversy: EXPLAINED!

Adam Levine is in the news over his controversial affair and the internet has responded wildly

Several chats of Adam Levine have surfaced on the internet questioning his loyalty

Flirtatious Instagram DMs have made Adam Levine a viral meme on the Internet

Instagram model Summer Stroh shared about having an affair with Adam Levine

She shared a Tiktok claiming of having a affair with him for almost a year

After the Tiktok's became viral, the singer shared his statement on Instagram

He claimed that he might have stepped over the line but never had an affair

He explained his action as "poor judgment in speaking with anyone other than his wife in any type of flirtatious manner"

Levine claimed his inappropriate manner and also said that he has taken proactive measures to remedy with his family

While he has cleared his stance, the internet is not stopping from making memes about this controversy.