10 Hagrid moments from the Harry Potter series proves that he's the best comfort character

Harry stating that there is no Hogwarts without you Hagrid always makes Potterheads emotional

Hagrid gifting harry Ludwig the owl to harry is very comforting moment in the whole series

One of the funny moments is Hagrid calling Fang coward when Malfoy asks for Fang

One of the best moments of Hagrid is how proud he's of Harry as he carefully approaches Buckbeak

Hagrid comforting Ron when he mistakenly cast the snail spell is hilarious and sweet at the same time 

Harry asking Hagrid if he has combed his hair or not shows their friendship throughout the series

It was funny to see Hagrid thought Dudley is Harry saying that he didn't expect harry to be this healthy

"I should not have said that" is Hagrid's most regretful and funny quote from the series

When Gilderoy tries to fix Harry's arm and fails Hagrid comes with the most sarcastic comment

Hagrid explaining its not hard to find a giant as they are big is really a wholesome moment

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